The NMRA HUB Division

Donate Your Model Railroad Equipment

We Accept All Model Railroad Related Items

We accept donations of model railroad equipment and supplies in any scale. Items accepted include:

  • Locomotives and rolling stock (freight cars, passenger cars, etc)
  • Track and Accessories including switches and switch machines
  • Buildings, either in kit form or fully assembled
  • Scenery Material including Trees, Ground Foam and other products
  • Railroad and Model Railroading Books

Contact Us

Click here to email our Donations Chair, Dan Fretz to make arrangements for your donation.

Our Location

The HUB Division, Inc is located in Eastern Massachusetts. We can make arrangements for pick-up in the general New England area. We will also entertain donations from outside our area including helping to defray shipping costs for certain collections. Please contact us with details using the EMail above.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and accept charitable contributions. All that's required is that you supply us with a list of the items along with your clearly marked name and address when those items are donated. You will then receive a receipt from our donations chair where you may value the items and possibly take a deduction on your income tax.

If you or someone you know has model train items that are no longer used, or are thinking of thinning a collection, please consider donating them to the HUB Division as a possible tax deduction. The HUB division will sell all donated items at either its spring or fall show, and use the proceeds to fund its educational programs and activities for public benefit.

It's a win-win situation. You clean out your attic, garage or basement of model trains and get a tax deduction. We are able to put those items into the hands of people who can actually use them and help to support our programs.

Note that we cannot provide appraisals for donated items. Like the Salvation Army approach, all we can do is provide you with a donation receipt for the list of donated items. To determine the value, consider checking similar items for sale at train shows and on online sites such as eBay.